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The Mammut Sports Group AG has launched the Mammut Mountain School together with the mountain guide experts ZERMATTERS. Together we want to help aspiring and experienced mountaineers to develop their skills and experience great tours in the Swiss Alps.

In addition to a shared passion for outdoor and mountain experiences, the two companies also share a long history in alpine sports.

Mammut Sports Group AG
Mammut Sports Group AG is a Swiss manufacturer of mountain sports, climbing, outdoor and snow sports equipment. The company was founded in 1862 and is based in Switzerland.

The ZERMATTERS have been offering guests from all over the world guided mountain tours around Zermatt since 1888. The company, which is organised as a cooperative, is based in Zermatt and aims to create future prospects for guides working in the outdoor sector.
With the integration of the Mammut Alpine School in 2022, the company opened an additional location in Andermatt under the name ANDERMATTERS.


The origins of the Mammut Mountain School
The Mammut Mountain School originally emerged from the Bergschule Uri and the Mammut Alpine School. The most important milestones from 1981 to the present day are listed below:

1981 - Founding of the Bergschule Uri
Founding of the Bergschule Uri with a focus on winter programmes such as skiing and freeriding. Over the years, the Bergschule Uri has developed into one of the leading mountain schools in Switzerland and has become synonymous with quality and safety.

2008 – Founding of the Mammut Alpine School
Mammut gründet ihre eigene Bergschule unter dem Namen Mammut Alpine School.

2015 – Merger of the Mammut Alpine School and Bergschule Uri
Mammut takes over the Bergschule Uri and integrates it into the Mammut Alpine School. The Andermatt location becomes increasingly important.

2022 – Handover of the Mammut Alpine School to the ZERMATTERS
Mammut hands over the Mammut Alpine School to ZERMATTERS. The usual variety of offers remains. The focus on training courses and the range of offers will also continue. These are now offered under the name ZERMATTERS Alpine School.

2024 – Founding of the Mammut Mountain School
The intensified collaboration between Mammut and ZERMATTERS gives rise to the Mammut Mountain School with the aim of offering guests guided training courses and mountain tours throughout Switzerland all year round. The idea of the Mammut Alpine School and ZERMATTERS Alpine School is thus being continued.

Mammut Mountain School


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